A collection of resources especially curated for BIPOC artists, makers and creatives

- - - Funding - - - 

Supporting the collective spirit of native artists 
& culture bearers

Black Trans led Artists Residency

Raises funds to directly benefit individual 
black artists and black art organizations 
across the U.S. 

A collective of emerging philanthropists 
promoting the elevation of black arts 
and culture community 

BIPOC creators in visual arts, literature, small 
business non-profit, educators, research

Community incubator supports black and 
Latinx artists through paid opportunities 
to show work in museums, galleries
and public spaces

Funding to produce projects led by New York City-based 

Black trans femme artists

Supporting Latino artists and arts organizations in the 
development, creation, presentation and sustainability

Supporting Muslim artists and activists

- - -Creative Community- - -

Online collective that provides a safe space for creatives of color

For arts administrators and artists of color

Improving quality of life for people of color through 
the arts and STEM

Stories of Asian Americans and Pacific
Indigenous Americans

Highlighting the work of Black, Indigenous & 
People of Colour working in the fibre community

A creative collective for queer boys of color

Culture and community for Southeast Asian feminism

A collective of artists and community 
organizers that hosts lectures, workshops
and events for women and girls 
from the African diaspora

Mentorship, resources,& events for black girlz 
interested in fashion

A collective that connects black trans women 
and non-binary femmes of the art world

A collectively run, Black, Indigenous, people of color
zine distributor

Create spaces for the production and preservation of Black trans 
femme art and culture

Collective of queer, femme, non-binary 
BIPOC artists and organizers

honors the stories, experiences, and history of ordinary
Colored Girls of the African diapsora

Brave space for multicultural creatives

Amplifying and strengthening voices of artists of color

Celebrating black women in food and wine

Inclusive creative community, classes, craft supplies 
and craftivism

Collection of stories and work of Filipina/o/x Americans

Seattle-based dance collective featuring Asian Pacific 
American womxn

Meeting place for fiber makers of color

National association of Latino arts and cultures

Showcasing the work of Asian American theater artists

Celebrating Asian American identity

Showcase and database of creatives of color in craft and design

Empowering community through Queer Asian visibility

Asian Americans, story by story

Collective of women and queer/trans people 
of color working at the intersection of art, 
organizing and publishing

Supports womxn (including queer, trans, 
femme and non-binary) abstract artists 
of color in the Greater Philadelphia area

Community for creative AAPI women

Women of Color in the Arts

- - - Artivism/Craftivism - - -

Providing under-resourced teens paid 
employment in the arts and design

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Two Spirit, Trans 
and Gender Non Conforming People of 
Color center for community organizing

Platform, community and resources for 
BIPOC artists and makers as activists

Supporting, documenting, and showcasing 
contributions of black artists in Canada

Combats underrepresentation of black creatives

Hosts roundtables of diverse art-world 
thinkers focused on critical 
race-related issues

Runs the Museum of Women’s Resistance in 
Brooklyn seeks to realize an equitable future 
for black women including those in the arts

Minnesota based, queer and trans centered 
organization dedicated to dismantling 
systems of violence

Aims to elevate the voices of young urban 
black millennials through storytelling 
and community-building projects

Illustrating unapologetic marginalized experiences

Empowering young Latinx girls through programming

Igniting change at the intersection of art, culture 
and social justice

BIPOC queer and trans media platform

Miami-based collective organizes online 
events to promote the work of black 
and brown feminist artists

Highlights Black Women & Women of Color authors

Diversity, equity and inclusion in tech

Revolutionizing fiber and needle arts

Crafting handmade clothing for homeless LGBTQ+ youth in NYC

Advances BIPOC artists and neighbors
as change agents

Provides opportunities for young black men 
and boys to express their creativity 
through art programs

Social connectivity events for queer people of color

Provides home-cooked and culturally 
specific meals for black trans folx

Free baking and pastry training to marginalized individuals

Provides free gender-affirming haircuts 
to black and brown LGBTQIA+ 
youth experiencing homelessness

Art activist platform 

experience-based creative content agency 
using food and beverage as a conveyor for 
art, music, history, and community

Platform for art, cultural development, 
and neighborhood transformation

Media source for craftivism and engagement 
around social justice and change

Detroit-based social justice organization 
dedicated to transforming lives through 
the power of diversity in performing arts

Dedicated to ending the stigma around mental 
health by providing a space for 
womxn of color to tell their stories

Inspiring transformative action through theater

School for Radical Creators

Making storytelling more inclusive

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