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Midori is a multi-disciplinary, social practice artist who makes interactive, immersive work that examines identity, culture, bodily autonomy, and perception. Often physical and durational, her performance art invites audience members into a shared experience of meaning making by compelling them to be participants of art-making rather than mere observers. In her visual work, there is always an element of chaos, eruption, abstraction, and dialogue because it is created through large-scale engagement, iterative and participatory processes, and deep intuition. There is a synergistic dynamic between my performative and visual art; together they are the ouroboros, the snake eating its own tail.

She was born in Tokyo and have lived in San Francisco since the 90s. Her body, like her art, bridges multiple cultures and fuels my fascination with desire, repulsion, collective memory, and subconscious revisions of experience. Spending time in both countries (my mother still lives in Japan) continues to provide deep insight into migration and diasporic identities.

She uses the tools of popular education, drag and Kabuki aesthetics, physical labor and endurance, customer service, and appreciative inquiry to create her art. Always what she creates emerges from social engagement, collective effort, and dialogue. 

The Space: Arcana

The mission and vision of this space is amazing. Naz, the proprietor of this "plant shop / tea house / gallery" is impressive in their own right. I felt a kinship as another queer, radical, creative & emigre. I visited the location while it was still in construction. Mulled it over. Talked and envisioned with the help of Jason Wyman and Dorian Katz. I let myself self dream fun and dream big - and then submitted a proposal. Follow them @arcanasf and www.arcanasf.com

- - Creative Call to Action - -

That goofy image with my "signature Midori stick figure", is the main image of my sculpture proposal.

It will be made mostly of reclaimed or recycled material, with creative collaboration with the public... yes this means you, your friends and fam, and anyone who'd like to help make this nutty ambitious strange piece. I will host art-making virtual socials. (If I can find the right space I might even be able to do outdoors in-person art-making socials.)

Working Title “The Plates”

Seven octagonal frames, each measuring approximately 8 feet in diameter hang from the ceiling at various heights. Each of these frames will be parallel to the floor, so when viewed up from the main floor, we see overlapping frames reminiscent of layered waterlily leaves.

The frames represent the seven tectonic plates. Within each frame, repurposed hemp ropes are woven and knotted to form the landmasses of each tectonic plate. Major rivers will be represented by cords made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles.

The weaving creates and casts gently dappled shadows that change with the natural and artificial light above. This is subtly reminiscent of lighting on a forest floor.

I have chosen to map our planet by tectonic plates to view our world from a unified geologic perspective, beyond the human created political lines of power and exploitation. I am also struck by how geology has many terms in common with the language of food and cooking, including plates, crusts, ranges and basins.

Suspended in the spaces between the frames, are a few clusters of clear flowers made from PET bottles. The floral clusters will reflect and refract the light from skylight as well as the existing light fixtures. Optionally, small LED bulbs may be inserted in the floral clusters for a gentle glow.

These plastic flowers will be made in collaboration with the public and the artist, through public requests as well as free virtual crafting events. I will reach out to the residents of the Mission district, Bayview district, international and Asian queers, and people who usually do not have the opportunity to consider themselves as artists. I have a lot of experience engaging the public as creators and contributors to my large-scale projects.

One shoe from Naz’s building archive will be woven into the piece as an homage to the history of the building.

- - Create - -

Want to be part of this?

  • DIY! Make flowers out of clear plastic bottles. I will turn these into chandelier-like clusters. You can do these on your own and mail them to me - Or you can do them with me when I schedule craft time socials online.

  • DIY! Make string out of plastic bottles. I found links to nifty tools for this. You can do these on your own and mail them to me - Or you can do them with me when I schedule craft time socials online.

  • Make a plastic bottle cutter. Need someone to make a plastic bottle cutter / string maker tool. I probably need half a dozen to a dozen of these.

  • Moral support. So I don't sag in motivation when my hands get tired and deadline approaches.

  • Share this with people who'd enjoy eco art activism. I made this post public so anyone can see it. Use this link: http://bit.ly/ArcanaEcoArt

  • Once it's done and hung, come see it!

Public Folder of Information:  https://bit.ly/ArcanaFolder 

This contains all the info, including links to DIY videos

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Keep an eye on this page for updates on live and virtual art-making socials in the Bay Area, hosted by Midori.

Learn more at www.planetmidori.com