Mindy Tsonas Choi | Red Mask Project

photo by Phoebe Stout

- - - #redmaskproject - - -

A community craftivism initiative making handmade RED masks in support of anti-racism 

  RED for visibility of racism as a virus and public health crisis

  RED to STOP violence towards black and brown people

  RED for blood spilled and lives lost, but not forgotten

  RED for revolutionary action as LOVE


Make a mask. Wear a mask. Share a mask.

We are currently fighting a global health crisis AND a racial pandemic, both of which are disproportionally effecting people of color. Wearing a RED mask in public helps to protect and stand for those most vulnerable, especially our essential workers (often BIPOC) by limiting exposure within a healthcare system that is not accessible and equitable for all

- - - CREATE - - -

Get Scrappy! Use what you have in your stash to make your mask - an old t-shirt, leftover fabric, hair-tie elastics or ribbon work as ear loops.

If you'd like to buy supplies, please shop your local BIPOC or indie owned and allied store to source your red fabric and supplies. Small business are hurting right now and we can vote with our dollars who to support!

GATHER HERE in Cambridge, MA, POC and queer owned, has been leading the mask-making charge here in the Boston area and has solid red fabric in stock, as well as these four prints (L to R:  Plus, Spark, Cross Hatch and Tracks). www.gatherhereonlonline.com

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by Gather Here

by Gather Here

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 - - - CONNECT - - -

Contact Mindy Tsonas, founder of the Be Seen Project and #redmaskproject via the contact form on this site for more details.