Mission & Creative Call to Action

BIPOC artists and makers creating transformative justice, collective healing and cultural change, one project at a time.

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We can not change what we can not see. Here's to powerful ways of seeing and being seen.

The creative process is inherently revolutionary. It reflects culture, invites engagement, archives history, builds relationship, and shares visions and narratives that can confront social systems in a powerful way when used as a tool for healing and change. 

Our Values

 Creative Energy is everyone's unique, generative superpower

 Healing + Harm Reduction move us towards regeneration, co-regulation and repair

 Collective Belonging + Care cultivates expansive capacities for shared humanity

 Social Justice + Equity that is inclusive, intersectional and culturally responsive

 Advocacy + Action working to disrupt, dismantle and rebuild new worlds

 Grassroots Connection and relationship building for decentralize power and hierarchy

 Radical Joy + Love as our essential fuel to thrive within oppression