Mission & Creative Call to Action

The Be Seen Project resources and amplifies BIPOC artists and makers who are using their work to center marginalized voices and create social justice and cultural change.

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We can not change what we can not see. Here's to powerful ways of seeing and being seen.

The creative process is inherently revolutionary. It reflects culture, invites engagement, archives history, builds relationship, and shares visions and narratives that can confront social systems in a powerful way when used as a tool for change. 

Black, Indigenous and People of Color have largely been left out of the historical and cultural narrative and modern craftivist movements. Art created through our lived experiences of oppression is not simply an expression of ideological protest, it offers critical perspective and insight missing from the broader discourse of these movements.

Our Values

 Creativity  is our superpower and we center BIPOC artists, makers and visionaries as key culture bearers and storytellers across all mediums.

 Social Justice and Equity  that is inclusive, intersectional and culturally responsive necessary for fair distribution of power and resources.

 Advocacy + Action  taking steps to disrupt and dismantle harmful dominant narratives while supporting policies for systemic change.

 Co-Creation  and relationship building, acknowledging that all beings and energies are interconnected.

 Mutual Aid  integral to decentralizing power to support artists and makers on the ground, in the context of their existing communities.

 Brave Space  coined by Micky Scottbey Jones, designed to cultivate resilience, empathy and connection through the practice of honoring and operating with our discomfort while learning/unlearning together.

 Radical Joy and Love  as necessary fuel, action and tools to fight against oppression and sustain movements.

Project Goals

The goal of this initiative is to support marginalized artists and makers who are confronting systems of oppression through their life, art, stories and craft by:
  • Increasing BIPOC visibility and our diverse world view 
  • Funding grassroots art as artivism and craftivism via micro grants and paying artists for their work
  • Resourcing community mutual aid initiatives which support our artists on the ground
  • Offering a launchpad and hub for grassroots activism/craftivism work
  • Connecting BIPOC activists in creative community
  • Fostering project collaboration and relational coalition building helping to close gaps
  • Building BIPOC centered advocacy and resources

How You Can Support
  • Create and Make for our Creative Calls to Action. All of our featured initiatives are also craftivism projects in action! Use your creative superpowers to knit, sew, paint, scribble and quite literally *make* a difference.

  • Volunteer as part of our Street Team. Help amplify our work and connect artists and activists in your corner of the world! Host a conversation with me about the project. Create a fundraiser. Offer your time, your skills, your goods, your platform. There are a million creative ways you can put your talents to work - let's collaborate!

  • DONATE and help expand our reach, fund our micro grants, pay artists, and support community mutual aid. All donations over $25 are subscribed to our quarterly print Zine as our thanks to YOU!

  • Subscribe to and share our Podcast, where we have in-depth conversations with artists and makers not only about creativity, but also about intersectional identity and all the isms of oppression and marginalization. 

  • Become an official Sponsor or part of our Cohort, which helps us directly fund our project, initiatives, micro grants, and our zine and podcast. Email for details.

We could not do this work without you!