Social & Cultural Creative Impact

Mission & Creative Call to Action

The Be Seen Project resources and amplifies BIPOC artists and makers who are using their work to center marginalized voices and create social justice and cultural change. .  .  .  We can not change what we can not see.  Here's to powerful ways of seeing and being seen. The creative process is inherently revolutionary.   It reflects culture, invites engagement, archives history, builds relationship, and shares visions and narratives that can confront social systems in a powerful way when used as a tool for change.  Black, Indigenous and People of Color have largely been left out of the historical and cultural narrative and modern craftivist movements. Art created through our lived experiences of oppression  is not simply an expression of ideological protest, it offers critical  perspective and insight missing from the broader discourse of these movements. Our Values  Creativity  is our superpower and we center BIPOC artists, makers and visionaries as key culture bearers and story

Jen White Johnson | Grant Recipient for Dear Me, Dear Us

Lisa Wool-Rim Sjöblom | Grant Recipient for The Excavated Earth

Tandy Nurse | Grant Recipient for The Slutcracker Prince

Darci Kern | Grant Recipient for Knitting While Black

Mindy Tsonas Choi | Red Mask Project