Social & Cultural Creative Impact

Mission & Creative Call to Action

The Be Seen Project is a platform and community for BIPOC artists and makers who are using their work to center marginalized voices and create social justice dialogue and change.
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The creative process is inherently revolutionary. 
It reflects culture, invites engagement, archives history, builds relationship, and shares visions and narratives that can confront social systems in a powerful way when used as a tool for change. 
Our aim is to support creative individuals and organizations confronting systems of oppression through their art or craft by: Increasing BIPOC visibility and our world view 
Directly funding activism projects via artist/maker micro grantsOffering a launchpad and hub for art as activism/craftivism workConnecting BIPOC activists in creative communityFostering creative collaboration and cross pollinationBuilding BIPOC centered advocacy and resources We can not change what we can not see. Here's to powerful ways of seeing and being seen.

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